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Monday, April 28, 2008

I love Shutterfly!

I thought I would take a moment to plug Shutterfly. When I got married, our photographer was supposed to create a wedding photo book for us, but after we told her which photos we wanted in it, she backed out and we were left to do it ourselves. As such, I was left wondering about photo books. I did some research and finally decided to go with

The software to create the photo book was really easy to use. You pick a theme, chose your font, how you want the photos to be framed, etc. We decided on the 12 x 12 hardcover. One thing I found annoying was that it would sometimes automatically crop and zoom a photo. Generally this is something you would control, but with some options that was not a choice. One great thing with Shutterfly was that I was able to download some software that would link to iPhoto (Mac) to make it easier to upload multiple photos.

As soon as I submitted my photo book, I got a confirmation in my email account. It processes really fast, so you only have about an hour to cancel an order. The following day I received another email letting me know that the book was printed and ready to be shipped. I got it in the mail 2 weeks later. It was very well packaged and was flawless when I opened it up. We were so impressed with it that we ordered an 8 x 8 photo book for our honeymoon pictures.

Good things to note:

1) When ordering a smaller sized book (ex. 8 x 8) try to limit the number of photos on each page to about 1 or 2 per page. We had 5+ on many pages without really realizing how small the pictures would turn out.

2) Be careful with some layouts. We had a couple photos in our wedding book where the photo ended at the end of the page. One in particular had a person's head look a little cut off because it was too close to the binding. Therefore make sure with those layouts you leave a little space for that.

3) Shutterfly has live chat help. I used this a couple of times when creating my photo books and found it to be very useful. They were generally very quick to respond.

4) Shutterfly is constantly putting items on sale. If the photo books aren't on sale when you're creating your photo book, just save it and wait a few days and another sale will come around.

What are your thoughts on Shutterfly or other online tools for creating photo books?

:) Roon-bop

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