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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Pics With New Tripod

Well, here are some pictures that I took Sunday after effectively putting together the new tripod (nothing like getting a little grease on your hands to make you feel like you've accomplished something).

So below you'll see some still life photos I took using my handy-dandy flashlight (I love that thing - so much fun). And if anyone is wondering how I got some of the pictures red, it is simple. I took a red plastic bag (thank you Circuit City) and put it over the flashlight.

Also, I should note that I am leaving town for Christmas holidays! As usual, the Internet connection there (both sets of parents) is exceptionally slow, but the good news, is once I'm back I'm off work for a whole week, so you'll definitely hear from me then.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope it's a safe and happy one.

:) Roon-bop

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Photography

The Digital Photography School has posted 16 tips for Christmas Photography. It has inspired me to make plans for my Christmas photos.

  1. I will bring my camera, new tripod, batteries, charger, USB key in case I need to unload at some point.
  2. I will REMEMBER to take pictures. Every time I go to a personal event, I usually FORGET to take pictures, because I’m having so much fun. That is not going to happen this year and here’s how:
  • I’m going to take pictures early in the event… before other family members arrive, I will take some time to take pictures of the Christmas tree, mom’s cookies, the dogs (because they are so fun to take pictures of), presents under the tree, decorations, etc. Also, because the night time comes so early, I’ll probably have time to get some pictures of Christmas lights outside (assuming it’s not too cold in Ottawa).
  • I will have a list of things and moments I want to capture. I haven’t put enough time into this at the moment, but this will include what I have mentioned above, as well as moments of my nephew opening and enjoying his gifts, a picture of dinner (i.e. passing plates, etc). Usually my family doesn’t do much exciting for people photography. We usually just sit around and chat. The women are usually in the kitchen, so I’ll try to squeeze in there. Also, I have heard a rumour that my brother will be bringing Rock Band, which could make some great pictures.

Because my husband and I are visiting at Christmas (we live in Toronto, everyone is in Ottawa), this means lots of events, which leave little time for casual photography, but I’m going to try to squeeze in some time. I’ll be bringing my tripod, and my parent’s house is filled with things. Hopefully I will find something interesting that I can create into a beautiful abstract picture. That is what I’m going to try focusing on this winter. It is much too cold for me to hang out outside… I’m a big baby and I know it. I’d really like to find some time for that.

So, remember to visit the Digital Photography School’s website to check out their 16 tips. There is nothing new here, but a good reminder and in my case, also a good motivator to get my butt in gear!

:) Roon-bop

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Night Sky

Admittedly, I haven't been taking many pictures lately. The last pictures I took were for an assignment - use flash as a highlight. The idea is to have a the background be properly exposed and use the flash to gently light up a person in front of the camera.

My husband was VERY kind and came out with me on a very cold evening. I wanted to get the wicked colour of the winter sky during sunset. Below is the picture I submitted. It's actually of he and I.

It was SO cold that night. I had to take my mittens off to set up and take down the camera. I thought my hands were going to fall off! Because I was incapable of moving them, once the camera was sort of in the bag, I asked Curtis to put away the tripod. He picked it up... and it broke! It wasn't a very nice tripod to begin with, and the legs always collapsed on their own.... but now I have to go out and purchase a new one... and let me tell you: I had no idea how expensive they can be! Whoa!!! But it is essential.

:) Roon-bop

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What we did on the last day of class

Today was the last day of class for Photography 3. Overall, I have to say... what a great class! Asif is by far the best teacher I've had to date!

So, in class, we broke up into groups of 3, each with our own assignment to create. Group 1 was portraiture, group 2 was product and groups 3 & 4 were abstract art... to take normal objects and make them beautiful. Team 3 had cardboard boxes, and my team, had a book. When he was first assigning teams and assignments, I had really wanted to be on the portraiture team, because I want to take pictures of people, but I have to say I'm very glad that I got our assignment. I am not a very creative person, but this gave me hope that maybe I could come up with something... perhaps even something that might be able to show up in a gallery some day (which would be wicked!)

Below is what we came up with (some with the help of Asif of course - who really helped us to think outside the box).

All in all I would say that Chris, Eleanor and myself worked really well together. At first I was nervous about it, but each of us brought new ideas to the table. It was nice and I think we were all very pleased with the results.

:) Roon-bop

Friday, December 12, 2008

Painting with light - assignment

I thought that I would share my assignment for Painting with light. I had a lot of fun working on this, but I am afraid that I am not quite creative enough for this biz.

Long story short, the assignment was to take a pic in a pitch black room and use nothing but a flashlight to light it up.

These are what I came up it.

Many people used the flashlight to symbolize fire, which came out really cool. This is all I've got. I like it, but I am always looking to be better... perhaps I am hard on myself, but I can only hope that will drive me to create better pictures.

Big props to my husband, Curtis for being my very patient model... he's such a good husband!

:) Roon-bop

Friday, December 5, 2008

Painting with light

So, I was fooling around the other day, working on my painting with light assignment, and I decided to do some self-portraits. The focus is off on them, because I had nothing to focus on, but I thought I would share any way.

So, to do this, I had my flash at 1/4 power. I had the camera on bulb (using a remote). The flash went off first, and then I went to town with a very small pointer light and made the following.
I've been working on my assignment quite a bit. It's been challenging getting used to the flashlight as a source of light, trying to maintain a good quality of light, etc. I'm very lucky that I have such a patient husband who is willing to sit for me. I will post pictures of that shortly.
In the mean time, enjoy these pictures. Painting with light is tons of fun. I suggest everyone play around with it...

:) Roon-bop

Monday, December 1, 2008

Photoshop Christmas Tutorials

Oh my goodness, I can't even believe my luck!

First I go to the store, because we're out of liquid hand soap, and low and behold, my favourite liquid hand soap is on sale! And there are 5 left. Very lucky me.

This morning, just this very morning, my husband asks me if I can help him create a company Christmas card with Photoshop. I'm a little lost on how I'm going to do it, but I know I'll figure something out. Then I get back from lunch and find this link! 24 Free Photoshop Christmas tutorials... seriously... my mind is blown.

So I thought I would share it, which conveniently enough also places it somewhere I can easily find it when I get home. This is amazing. I took a brief look at them. I wanted to create an ornament and have the company logo in the centre. And there is a tutorial on how to create a Christmas ornament... I mean really I'm a little freaked out by all this.

I hope this is as helpful to you as it should be to me. And thanks to and for posting it.

Happy December First!
:) Roon-bop