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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fashion Photography - Metallic

In last week's class our theme was metallic. It was pretty slow starting, some of the makeup as you will see was pretty heavy duty. Leslie Gray worked on Ashley to create an "Ice Queen" look, and Ellen Jung gave Emily a gold metallic look.

I love taking pictures of the models when they have heavy duty make-up. It is lots of fun! Leslie and Ellen both did fantastic work this week (as always) and the models I worked with Ashley and Emily were fabulous as always. Lise was also there this week, but for some reason I have yet to take a picture of her. Next time I'll have to make a point of it.

There is no class next week, and the week after that we will be heading to Yorkville. I'm excited for that shoot for two reasons:
1) its a fun location
2) its close to home!

:) Roon


Iris said...

Sweet photos!

Vice Admiral said...

I really like the shots with the silver. Your model really warms up and softens an otherwise cold and hard scene.

Nice work