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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Profile: Natalie Norton


So, I thought I would take some time again to profile another photographer that I admire: Natalie Norton... I've never met this woman, but I've read many of her blogs. She has been a guest blogger on DPS and also has her own blog: Pics and Kicks. So I came to know of her, through DPS and then went to check her out. She is great. She uses her blog for personal purposes, such as wishing people a happy birthday, for professional purposes, by showing teasers for her clients and as an educator, helping people like me. She is able to write in ways that are easy to understand and more importantly NOT boring! :) (Thanks for that). One of my favourite things that she does is interview other photographers for her blog. It's brilliant! I love learning about others.

I don't just admire her for her wonderful blog that keeps me informed and amused. She also takes wonderful photographs. Her focus is definitely on portraits. She takes great portraits using lighting, angles and colour to create some fantastic shots. Not your run of the mill photographer. She is able to take great group shots too! I adore this one. Such a creative way to shoot a family, using depth of field. I love it!

So, a big thanks to Natalie Norton for inspiring & informing me.

Now, I want you all to go check out her site: Pics and Kicks

:) Roon-bop

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