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Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm on yet ANOTHER website!!!

Well, cheers be to me! I can be found on the front page of another website.

The Ontario Community Support Association asked me to take pictures of a press conference. Yes ... I realize they are my employer (I work as the program assistant for the Personal Support Network of Ontario, which is part of OCSA), none the less, my work is there!

There were definitely some challenges and I learned a lot!
1) The lighting was poor, so I had to use my flash, which meant I had to wait for the flash to reload after every shot - there were a couple GREAT shots that I missed because of this - some that I tried taking anyway, but were too dark even to salvage.
2) The people I were photographing were speaking, therefore most of the pictures their mouths are open, or their eyes looked closed (because they are reading). Therefore, I really need to work on my timing, making sure to pay attention to when they are looking down, and try to shoot as soon as they look up.
3) I tried to move around the room often to get different angles, but I would sometimes find myself on the wrong side, so I need to better anticipate the speaker's potential movements.

One step closer!

:) Roon-bop

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