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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My New Printer

Well, I bit the bullet and I bought a printer. I wasn't expecting this to happen, but after my last class of madness, it had to be done.

There were 4 of us trying to print pictures, and of course, every one was doing fine. I started off fine, but then every single one of my pictures came out with lines through them. Lines, like the rollers of the printer was screwing everything up. Every. Single. Time. Did this happen for anyone else? Maybe the guy with thicker paper than me? NO! Argh. I was so frustrated that I had a mental breakdown. It was brutal. Imagine trying to print from 9 am and finally giving up at 3 p.m. and all you have to show for it is one picture and a test page. So these are the options I was left with:
1) Come back next week and try again with even MORE people who are desperate to print - not an option, as my mom and dad were visiting this weekend
2) Go and print them at a print house (which would cost about $100)
3) Buy a printer.

So the only 2 viable options for me were 2 and 3 and I figured if I'm going to invest $100 to print pictures for a class project, I may as well invest money in something that I'll have to make more prints later, and thus "Buy a printer" was my final decision.

So the next decision is: which printer? The most difficult part of this decision was how much to spend. I hate spending money. My husband LOVES it. He kept telling me, buy the good one, buy the good one. So, I bought the Epson R2880. The one good thing about spending all this money is this: Every time I spend money on photography, I feel like I have invested more in it. As such, I feel like I absolutely MUST make the money back through photography, thus giving me even more of a push to do it professionally. Hopefully this works.

As I have said before, I have never regretting any of my photographic purchases (except maybe that dang paper that was giving me such a hard time - btw I won't be shopping at Vistek for a while, because they were giving me a hard time as well. One guy, super nice, but then they sent me to "bad cop" and I just don't like being played like that. This unfortunately means that I will have to give Henry's my business when buying paper, which is okay, because they have a much better selection of paper than Vistek anyway, but still. I still heart Downtown Camera though). Hmmmm... that was an unexpected rant.... where was I?

I tried my new printer, and me likes. Me likes a lot. The colours (even on my matte paper that I didn't really like before, but now seems to work) pop. I've had some issues with the black being REALLY black, but I wonder if perhaps I should have been using Photo Black instead of Matte Black. This is something that I'll have to figure out on my own, but I won't worry about it just yet. I will say this though, I am excited to print more. It's fun. I really feel like I've accomplished something. I get a feeling that I don't get when posting images. It feels nice. I think I may have created a monster!

:) Roon-bop

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