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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Elena and Daniel, the parents of sweet little Mateas, are themselves models.  It was a very diferent experience working with a professional model.  Elena would move very fluidly into different poses.  I hardly had to speak with her at all!  (As in providing coaching).  She was very nice, and I LOVE her sweater.  She said it was her mother's.  The fact that its vintage makes me love it even more. 

Last night was my last class in the studio.  Last class for People Photography - last studio session in the GBC studio ever.  It's crazy.  I have 2 more classes (last business class on Saturday and last People class (which will be going over our work) on the 21st).  Then that is it for me.  Crazy.

Tomorrow will be pictures of the wild and wacky Daniel.

:)  Roon-bop

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