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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sponge Kyle Square Pants

I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday!  I had pictures all ready, and it just slipped my mind.  In my defense, eysterday was a very busy day... school in the a.m. then a meeting for a few hours, then the first Christmas party of the season... I suppose its understandable.

Kyle was fun.  He was teaching me some new dance moves (which is essentially a hopeless cause).  My favourite of which was called Sponge Bob.  I have no idea why and I still don't fully grasp the dance.  It felt a little more like ho-down dancing, but maybe that's just my lack of skills.  In turn, I taught Kyle my own dance, called the Roon-bop.  It's very simple: just flop around and move your head side to side in time with the rythm of the music.  Genious, I know!

I got to try a lot of things with Kyle which is nice, and used 3 light settings. As such, Kyle is going to be a three part series so I can discuss what I did with 2 of the light settings.

:) Roon-bop

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