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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Revisiting Donna

Well, it seems as though the world listened!  Back in October, Donna came and modeled for us on our day trip to Centre Island, however, I didn't really get much an opportunity to work with her and I had been hoping to get another chance.  Donna came into the studio and brought props!  A fancy old style hat & feathered fan.  She looked so cute!  In fact, I am of the opinion that she shares a resemblance with Kirsten Dunst in some of the photos. 

Donna is not an experienced model, but that worked out in my favour.  This gave me a great oppounity to practice speaking with the model, finding new ways to pose them, and make sure that I articulate myself well.  Obviously, this is something that I do with everyone, but is so much more important when the model is looking for direction.

Hopefully Donna will come visit the class once more before its over.  It's hard to believe that we only have 3 weeks left.

:) Roon-bop

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