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Friday, October 9, 2009

Noelle & Donna

Okie Dokie, today we have Noelle la chanteuse and Donna the HS student. I considered writing the entire blog today in French, all because Noelle is French for Christmas, but I decided against it, figuring my writing skills would be too shameful.

I didn't get to spend much/any time alone with either Noelle or Donna, however, they were both very pleasant. Donna brought her camera along. She is the granddaughter of one of the students and I later found out that she's been selected to take her HS yearbook photos this year. Hopefully, if she like photography, this is part of her photographic journey.

And, as I mentioned, its Thanksgiving weekend this weekend. I'm traveling to Ottawa and the wonderful world of dial-up Internet. I would like to note that Ottawa does have access to high speed Internet, just not in my parents' and in-law's homes.... or my sister's... possibly my brother's. In any case, I'll be offline for a while.

To all my Canadian friends: Happy Thanksgiving & Happy long weekend!
To everyone else: Sorry you have to work Monday :(

:) Roon-bop


The Toronto Island is a great place to take pictures, because you can take pictures of the city.

I love Donna's hat in this picture. It reminds me of Holly Hobbie (from when I was little - not this new millenium version).

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