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Monday, October 12, 2009

Barbaro & Security

I am back from Ottawa!!! I had a great time visiting everyone, but I am very glad to be back home! Now I just need to find some food...

Until then, here are the last two pictures from the Sunday Centre Island trip. The last two models were a little late getting there, because they missed the ferry we took and then apparently they had some trouble with a grumpy ferry dock worker. The bad news is that because of that, I didn't get much time to take pictures of the two of them.

I feel really bad, because I have no idea how to spell his name and I'm too afraid to attempt to write it, so I'll refer to him as Security, because he is our wonderful night security guard at the school. I walked by him one class and asked him why he never modeled for us... and then when I get the chance, I have to go home. He brought with him a friend, Barbaro. They were both very, very sweet. But as I said, I didn't get enough time with them, and it started to rain pretty hard shortly after they got there. It would be nice if we had another opportunity with them. After I left, the class moved on to the animal farm. I'd love to see some pictures my classmates took from that portion.

:) Roon-bop

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