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Friday, May 30, 2008


Photocell is a band that I am friends with. Great people, great band. After class on Thursday, I went to their show at the Tattoo Parlour. Being in the photo mood, I took some pictures of them.

The challenges when taking these pictures were getting the manual settings right (I had to shoot manual because of lighting - I didn't want to use flash). I came across this problem once before when taking pictures of my husband's stand-up show. With Photocell, the flash would have reached them, but I wanted to get the feel of the show, including the lighting. With my husband's stand up, flash was not an option: 1) he was too far away; 2) it would have disturbed the show.

The other challenge was actually trying to get decent shots of them. The stage was a little small for all 5 of them and the mic stands kept getting in the way. I also had a hard time getting pictures of the drummer. I was hoping to get a crazy good action shot of him rocking out, but there was always someone or something (especially amps) in the way. I would have needed a better zoom for those shots. I had the same trouble with the keyboardist who was hidden in the back.

Hope you enjoy!

:) Roon-bop

1 comment:

Curtis said...

That last pic is bloody awesome!