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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Photography - Week 3

In this week's class we discussed lighting, flash & filters.

First we were told about the different types of lighting. Existing / available lighting - outside light; or artificial / flash lighting - you guessed it, light created electronically.

Bounce flashes are really good external flashes, because the photographer can move the angle at which they go to the subject, in order to prevent harsh lighting. If you angle it off a white ceiling on to the subject, the lighting will be softer. If you are bouncing light, it has to be off something white. If you use yellow, the subject will look a little yellow.

The best types of flashes are TTL (through the lens) because then the flash can communicate with the camera and automatic function can be used.

When using artificial lighting keep your subject away from walls to avoid shadows, unless of course, you are using it artistically.

Teleconverters - used to magnify. The teleconverter attaches to the camera and the lens attaches to the teleconverter. It is not as good as using a macro lens, but it still works well in many cases.

Polarized Filters - These filters work like polarized sunglasses. They remove flare or glare, cut through haze, and shoot through glass without reflection. They are a little more expensive than most filters, because they have a separate ring that rotates, as you need to get it to the right "focus".

There are other filters as well - diffusers, ones that create stars where light is, and of course many more. The teacher suggested that the very best one to get, the one that will probably get the most use and is the most useful would be the polarized filter. I can see how that might be the case.

During the break I was dinking around with my manual setting and I figured out how to change the focus of a picture. Below you will see that with the first two pictures. Then I was playing around with shutter speed. The other photo is my ghost hand picture. I think it's neat and I'm excited to play around some more with this!


:) Roon-bop

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