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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photography 1 - Week 2

This week's photography class went really well. We all brought our cameras and learned about some of the basic functions. Luckily we were spared "how to put in your memory card". Here are a few of the things I learned about my camera.

When removing the lens, hold the camera upside down to avoid getting dust into the camera. Remove it quickly and cover.

There are 3 main ways to control exposure:
1) ISO choice
2) Shutter speed
3) Aperture setting

If the picture is overexposed you need a shorter shutter time and if the picture is under exposed, you need a longer shutter time.

Faster moving things need a faster shutter speed (unless you want a blur - then you slow it down) 1/500th of a second will freeze a horse going over a jump. 1/1000th will stop a speeding bullet. My camera goes to 1/8000th and I have no idea what I might come across that is so fast I would need to use it.

The aperture is a diaphragm inside your lens that opens and closes to let more or less light through (like a pupil). A wide opening is a low number in f-stop (f=focal length)

Smaller f-stops have less depth of field, which produces a blurry background. To keep the background in focus, you'll want a higher number, like f-16. With wide angle cameras, everything in the picture is always in focus.

To take great pictures of fireworks, sunsets, stained glass, it's best to close down 2 f-stops. When taking pictures of fireworks, have the shutter speed be the duration of the burst of the firework to avoid getting pictures with smoke in them.

Also in class we discussed composition and best ways to frame a picture, or how to make pictures interesting. We also were shown some pictures taken and Photoshopped by Jill Greenberg. They are very cool, you should check them out. Of particular interest is her controversial shots of children crying, in which she managed to get them to cry by taking away their lollipop. If you're idea of comedy is as twisted as mine, you might enjoy them. Regardless of that set, she has some very unique photos. She gives all her subjects (humans and animals a like) a shinny look and almost makes them look not real.

I have yet to practice any of the things that I have learned, but hopefully I will catch on.

Have a great long weekend to those in Canada!

:) Roon-bop

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