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Monday, May 26, 2008

Photoshop - Week 3

Tonight's class was LOTS of fun!! :) We learned how to use the stamp tool to duplicate an image, how to fix up an old photo & how to add colour to a black and white photo. Basically the images below will do all the talking. Again, please keep in mind that I only have limited time to do this work in, so it's not perfect. I was just having some fun.

The first image was made by using the stamping tool to duplicate the image, which I then flipped. I also used the stamp tool for the hats & mic stand in the center.

The 3 images afterwards show progression of what I learned re: fixing up an old photo & adding colour. The first picture is the original old picture (from Photoshop stock photos) and the work that I did on it in the second two.

I had lots of fun and I'm excited to play around more with these tools. We also spoke about our final assignments. We will need to show these skills in it. One is to fix up an old photo & add colour, and the other assignment is to create a photo magazine cover. Should be fun!

:) Roon-bop

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